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I began playing guitar at 8 at the Silcon Valley Classical Guitar School. From then on I developed my passion for this acoutisc instrument. I started compsing at 8 and a half with my first song "Mist". From then I've only been comspoing. The first 10 songs I've made it into a book, called Songs for Everyone and its now avalible in the Santa Clara Country Library District. Now I have over 40 compositons to my name.

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One is a piece written for a competition which I won. 

One – This piece, “One,” shows the diversity in every soul with its unique successive alterations in the arpeggios throughout the piece, mirroring the changes brought upon by each individual. The harmony of the music rises and falls, like a person’s emotions, but at the end of the day, we’re all human. The irony of the name contrasts with the several techniques used in the single composition, used to create one song. Just like all the emotions in one person. Like all the people in one planet. Because we are all “One.” (Please Use Headphones for Quality)

Guitar Compositions : Video

Royal Conservatory of Music

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) is a prestigious music award (and difficult). I have currently taken the tests until the 4th level and I am currently working on 5th level. I have gained awards of distinction along with passed these levels with First Class Honors.

Guitar Compositions : Image
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