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Upasana Puranik is 14 years old, and lives in Cupertino California with her parents and younger brother. She is the author of several books and the composer of over 40+ songs.  Her passion's fly everywhere with reading, writing, sports, technology and music. 

Her books include Double Trouble, Puffy the Pufferfish, Songs for Everyone and more. Songs for Everyone is now available in the Santa Clara Library District, and contains the first 10 songs she composed on the guitar. 

She started writing when she was in 2nd grade and since then Upasana has written numerous short stories. Double Trouble is a collection of short stories of her and her younger brother- Anagh, causing twice the amount of trouble! 

She also volunteers at the Humane Society and teaches Math classes.

Upasana is also part of Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and is a Star Rank Scout. She is also an aspiring volunteer, helping with the Pandemic effort. 

Upasana has a passion for math and technology and has participated in numerous hack-a-thon's along with winning many competitions. Such as qualifying  for the AIME's (Getting into the top 2.5% in the AMC10), in the top 10% for the Math Olympiads and was a national winner on the Math Kangaroo several years. 

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